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Many people wonder: “What exactly is science doing to improve upon pre-existing hair loss therapies? Is any progress being made?”
The answer (thankfully) is “yes.”

Fortunately for hair loss sufferers, science is moving forward at a rapid pace. There are many companies working towards providing better solutions for customers living with Androgenetic Alopecia – each one pursuing several unique and intriguing research paths. Although it is unclear when any of these new treatments will ultimately reach the market, it is still exciting to watch each significant development unfold.

The main contenders in the race to bring more effective hair loss treatments to the masses are Histogen, Follica, Trichoscience, Aderans and Oxford BioLabs (the company behind TRX2). Although the exact mechanisms behind each one of these treatments are proprietary and quite complex, we have decided to provide brief overviews of the research conducted to date.

Histogen is currently conducting Phase I/II clinical studies for its injectable Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC). The Wnt Proteins contained in HSC have been proven to elicit new hair growth in individuals with Androgenetic Alopecia. Although Histogen is currently facing a lawsuit from one if its primary competitors, SkinMedica, the company plans to carry out further studies in Singapore starting February 2011. Due to relaxed Asian regulatory policies, the earliest projected date for commercialization is 2013.

Follica gained significant media attention in May of 2007 when its lead researcher, Dr. George Cotsarelis, published a paper that proved wound healing could induce to follicular neogenesis in adult mammals (a feat presumed to be impossible). In 2008 the company stated that a small proof of concept study was underway, but no results were released. Follica has since been silent, but their recent appearance at the 2010 Bio-Windhover Partnering Conference seems to indicate that they are moving toward clinical trials. Follica has added several prominent members to its team, including chairman Kirk Raab (former Genentech CEO) and CEO William Ju (formerly COO of PTC Therapeutics and Vice President of Pharmacia Corporation).

TrichoScience gained notoriety in 2009 when announced plans to begin a Phase I clinical trial in Europe. The company revealed that they had been conducting research since 2000, keeping quiet until they were more confident in their technology. The TrichoScience technique involves multiplying dermal sheath cup cells in culture and injecting them into recipient areas affected by pattern hair loss. TrichoScience has thus far given no date for commercialization, but Phase 1 is expected to begin during late 2010.

Aderans is currently conducting a Phase II clinical study in several major metropolitan areas across the United States. In February of 2010 the company announced that they would increase the breadth and scope of this phase by adding several new treatment centers and enlisting dozens of extra trialists. The Aderans approach is quite complex, multiplying several different types of cells in culture and introducing them into the skin with extra-cellular matrix bioscaffolds. It is unclear exactly when this treatment will hit the market (or how effective it will be), but a recent presentation given to Aderans shareholders projected a release date of 2014. During this presentation it was also revealed that Aderans possessed an entire portfolio of unique hair regeneration products.

Oxford BioLabs, the company behind TRX2, is pursuing a platform technology distinct from any other research approach to date. Our science is based on the recent discovery that potassium ion channels exist within human hair follicles. By targeting these small pore-forming structures, TRX2 products aim to restore full vitality and function of miniaturized hair follicles. In pursuit of this goal, we have announced the launch of our first product, TRX2® Molecular Supplement Capsules, and finalized clinical trial plans in several key areas. Our team is made up of world-class scientists and innovators who are all driven to persevere in formulating the most comprehensive treatment for men and women experiencing hair loss. The first updates (and products) will be released during 2010.

In the meantime we will keep you updated about where we are in the clinical process and we will continue to post news and articles regarding other available hair loss treatments.

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